Meditation Walkways

Meditation Walkways

guided meditation paths and sacred walks

Labyrinth in the Desert

The Labyrinth in the Desert is patterned after the famous Labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, a symbol of the Christian pilgrimage.

Islands of Silence

The Islands of Silence are seven stops on a path that begins at the top of the hill, crosses a wash and concludes at two benches at the bottom of the hill. Each island is a symbol for meditating on places during life’s journey.

Each of the seven Islands are nicely hidden and equipped with a bench or two for those who need a rest on the journey or just a quiet place to meditate.

Campbell Prayer Pathway

The Prayer Pathway provides Seven Steps of Morning Prayer by Joyce Rupp: Gratitude, Love, Hope, Compassion, Generosity, Laughter, and Patience.